Trey’s Treats - Childhood Cancer Survivor Shares Love and Treats With Families

Posted on 9/2/2015

Eight-year-old Trey Lewis finished 42 months of treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), the most common form of childhood leukemia, in October 2013.

Two weeks later, Trey told his mother, Missy Lewis, that he wanted to do something to help children with cancer. “He said, ‘Mom, cancer is hard. Kids with cancer need someone who has been through it to help them’.”

Trey told his mother that if he had a cart, he could fill it with treats. “I want to push my cart all the way to Canada and all the way to Mexico. People need encouraging,” Trey said. Lewis, a nurse, talked the idea through with Trey and then created a website, to help launch Trey’s plan.

Today, Trey’s Treats regularly visits Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital to honor children with cancer and blood disorders and their families with an assortment of treats and gifts. “Trey craved Goldfish crackers during his treatment, so he includes them in every treat basket,” said Lewis. “Treats are Trey’s way of sharing love.” Baskets are based on a family’s preferences and are delivered to the bedside.

“When you first learn that your child has cancer, your entire world turns upside down,” said Lewis. “Cancer is not like any other illness.  My mission as a parent is to help other parents. When we visit Children’s Hospital, we often meet parents of children who are newly diagnosed. I try to help every parent with resources, prayer, emotional support and whatever they need.”

On one visit, a boy had just been diagnosed with ALL.  When the child and his mother met Trey, they were so encouraged to learn that Trey had been treated for the same type of cancer and was now healthy and helping others.

“There are so many blessings that came out of this journey,” said Lewis. “We have met so many wonderful families. Children’s Hospital is amazing and we love the doctors, nurses and staff. They are like family to us. You have to have a calling to do what they do.”

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