Palmetto Health Supports Mothers and Their Health for Mother’s Day

Palmetto Health Supports Mothers and Their Health for Mother’s Day

Posted on 4/30/2015

Palmetto Health Offers OBGYN Tips for Mothers

COLUMBIA, S.C.—This Mother’s Day, it is important to recognize, support and thank our mothers. Mothers are constantly taking care of others, but this Mother’s Day, Palmetto Health wants to remind mothers to take care of themselves with just a few, easy tips.

Evelyn Roland, D.O., OBGYN with Women Physicians Associates, offers tips for mothers to keep themselves healthy:

1. Find the right women’s health specialist and get tested regularly. Your health is important, so it is crucial for you to find an OBGYN that you can have a good relationship with and to get your yearly exam including pap smear, clinical breast exam, mammogram and other screenings based on age. Roland said, “Pap smear guidelines have changed significantly in the last several years. I recommend that patients consult with their gynecologist about those changes and how it will affect their screening for the future.”

2. Do breast self-examinations. This self-examination should be performed once a month to help you become familiar with your breasts and thus be able to detect abnormalities.

3. Get good sleep. As a mother, we know your time is limited and that sleep is a rare gem. However, we encourage you to get a good night’s rest and to avoid caffeine, sugar and vitamin C before bed.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle. Finding time for yourself, including time to exercise and recharge, is extremely important to reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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