Palmetto Health reminds families to make fitness a family affair

Posted on 10/3/2018

What better way to teach your children healthy habits than by being active as a family?

Palmetto Health wants to remind families to make fitness a family affair.

“When planning family activities around fitness, it is important to make it fun,” said Kathryn Hollins Lizarribar, MD, a physician with Palmetto Health-USC Family Medicine. “Don’t use the word exercise at all. Instead, use games, competitions or challenges.”

Lizarribar said this is important when you have a family that includes children and teens.

“If it isn’t fun, it won’t happen,” she added.

Lizarribar said involve the whole family in planning what you will do. Here are recommendations on things you can do together whether you want to stick close to home or go for an adventure:

  • Wash the car together.
  • Go hiking, biking or walking at a nearby park.
  • Visit a corn maze.
  • Take advantage of your local community center’s pool or playground, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.
  • Window shop at the mall. Just be sure to let your children know you’re not there to buy anything.
  • Play a fitness game on a Wii or video game console that includes activity.
  • Take a bike tour of a historical part of your town.
  • Play a game of kickball, flag or touch football
  • Chase your dog around until someone captures a ball or toy it has in its mouth.

“Fitness isn’t all about sports,” Hollins Lizarribar said. “It’s about being outdoors or moving in a healthy way together as a family.”

Regardless of the activity you choose, being active as a family is good for the mind and body.

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