Our affiliate system

We are building one organization with affiliates in two regions. Our parent company, now known as Prisma Health, supports both affiliates with overall direction and leadership as we continue to align. We will soon share one brand across the entire organization to better reflect this. The rebranded Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group will continue to operate as a joint venture between the Midlands affiliate and the USC School of Medicine.

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We are becoming Prisma Health in early 2019

Visitation Guidelines

Welcoming our patients' visitors.

Palmetto Health welcomes visitors and realizes the essential role they play in a patient’s recovery.

We want your family members and visitors to visit at times convenient to their schedules. We have no “posted” visiting hours, but some general guidelines are in place. Your sensitivity and cooperation with these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

To request a patient room number, please contact the patient directory at each of our respective hospital campuses for information:

  • Palmetto Health Baptist: 803-296-5440
  • Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge: 803-907-3700
  • Palmetto Health Richland: 803-434-6111
  • Palmetto Health Tuomey: 803-774-9000

Although we are confident our team members will provide the very best care for your loved one, should you have any concerns or requests, please ask to speak with the unit charge nurse, who is available every shift. Unit managers and Patient Relations liaisons also are available to assist you.


For the comfort of our patients, we ask that all visitors observe the following:

  • In order to give patients an opportunity to enjoy each visitor, we ask that there be only two visitors at a time. We may ask that visits be time limited if the patient is sleeping.
  • Please do not visit if you are sick (e.g., sneezing, coughing, fever).
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult other than the patient. Visits by children of any age should always be coordinated with the patient’s primary nurse and the patient/patient’s spokesperson before the visit. For their own safety, please do not leave children unattended.
  • We have provided hand sanitizer throughout the hospital to protect you and your loved ones from the spread of infection. Rub your hands with hand sanitizer for at least 15 seconds until dry before entering and when leaving a patient’s room.
  • Please keep your cell phones on “vibrate” while visiting.
  • While visiting a patient, remain inside that patient’s room. Please do not enter other rooms or work stations in search of team members or physicians.
  • Because of space limitations and the patient’s condition, staying with the patient overnight in the room is not always possible. Please check with your nurse regarding this option in your unit.
  • In order to promote patient healing and uninterrupted sleep, we encourage visitors to leave and rest between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Patients can choose to approve visitors who are integral to providing the emotional and social support they need or desire.
  • Visitation may be delayed or guests may be asked to vacate the entire unit if there is an emergency or a medical procedure in progress. We will allow visitors into the unit as soon as the environment is stabilized.
  • If we need to discuss or provide care that requires privacy for the patient, we will ask visitors to return to the lobby.
  • Visitation may be limited or prohibited if there is a medical or legal reason.
  • Visitors should not touch or adjust medical equipment at any time.
  • Physicians and team members will give condition updates, but we are always bound by patient privacy laws. We ask that there be one spokesperson who receives updates and communicates information to other concerned parties.
  • Visitors who are interfering with patient care or acting disrespectfully will be required to leave.

For your safety and security, Security Services and, in some cases, City of Columbia Police Department officers round on a routine basis throughout the hospital. Visitors must sign-in from 8:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. at the main entrances or at the Emergency Department and wear a visitor badge during these hours.

Reduce the risk of SIDS and unsafe sleeping.

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