Chaplaincy Services

Providing pastoral care
for those in need.

At Palmetto Health, the mission of our Chaplaincy department is a joint ministry of service in the provision of pastoral care and theological education as an Association of Clinical Pastoral Education- accredited training site.

The role of the chaplain is a vital and well-integrated component of our health care team, and is grounded in a rich history that values the spiritual and emotional health of our patients, families and staff. In addition to providing direct patient care 24/7, we also serve as an important liaison between the patient and his or her faith community.

Chaplains are assigned to all clinical areas within Palmetto Health, including community sites and Hospice, and provide ministry to employees through support, prayer, ritual and education. Chaplains within our department range from Board Certified Professional Chaplains, Certified ACPE Supervisors/Pastoral Educators, CPE Residents, Fellows and Interns. At the Richland campus, we also train and utilize lay Stephen Ministers for patient care.

Call to request a visit from a Chaplain:

Palmetto Health Baptist
 • 803-296-5455 during regular business hours
 • 803-295-5010 on evenings and weekend

Palmetto Health Richland
 • 803-434-7555 during regular business hours
 • 803-434-7000 evenings and weekends

Palmetto Health Tuomey
 • 803-774-8757 

Palmetto Health Homecare and Hospice in Columbia
 • 803-296-5455 during regular business hours
 • Outside of Columbia, call your local Palmetto Health Homecare and Hospice office.

Chapel Services • Individual Services • Services for Clergy and Churches

Religious Diversity
Pastoral Care at Palmetto Health is offered in ways that respect the rich religious diversity represented in the patients, families, staff and communities to whom we minister and serve. In addition to direct patient and staff care and worship leadership, we also provide training for hospital staff to promote appreciation for our religiously diverse society.

The Hope Line
Call 803-296-4673 if you have a prayer request for yourself, friends, patients or families, and leave a message. You do not need to mention names, if you so choose, but do mention the circumstance for the prayer; i.e., illness, strength, guidance in decision making, etc. This line is available 24 hours a day. Prayer requests are voiced in our morning staff devotions.

Clinical Pastoral Education

The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at Palmetto Health integrates theological and professional education for ministry in a clinical setting. This program is open to seminary graduates, those in the midst of their theological education, ordained clergy of varied faith traditions, and qualified lay people. Learn more here.

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