Whether you’re searching for a screening location or seeking cancer treatment including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, we're prepared to provide the care that's best for you.

Find a list of our providers and partners here.

Our Cancer Center services include:

  • Breast cancer treatment
  • Colon cancer treatment
  • Lung cancer treatment
  • Prostate cancer treatment
  • Mammography
  • Colonoscopy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Medical oncology
  • Surgery
  • Gamma Knife surgery

Services and events

Breast Center

We offer comprehensive breast health services featuring digital mammography and the Midlands' only digital mobile mammogram service.

Colon Cancer

We offer expert treatment of a full range of colon and rectal conditions. Our team of physicians are all board certified in both general and colon and rectal surgery.

Gamma Knife

A safe, highly effective non-surgical procedure to treat tumors in the brain, Gamma Knife allows our skilled physicians to selectively destroy brain tumors within the brain without an incision.

Gynecologic Oncology

Our physician partners at South Carolina Oncology Associates provide gynecologic oncology care, which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of women with cancer of the reproductive organs.

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology treats cancer through the administration of chemotherapy and other medications. Our partners at South Carolina Oncology Associates have expertise in the administration of chemotherapy and other therapies used to treat cancer.

Nurse Navigators

Our Nurse Navigators are patient educators and care guides. Nurse Navigators are a support system for our patients and their families at a critical time - after a cancer diagnosis and through treatment.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a safe, proven treatment that uses penetrating beams of radiation to destroy or damage cancer cells. About half of all cancer patients receive some type of radiation therapy.

Programs and screenings

Cancer support programs

We offer and refer our patients to a variety of support programs and services in the community that provide resources for recovery and emotional healing for patients undergoing treatment.

Free health screenings

We offer a variety of free screening including breast, prostate, lung and cervical cancer screenings.

Lung cancer screenings

We encourage annual lung cancer screenings for certain smokers, which have been shown to save lives by finding lung cancer early.

Smoking cessation program

We offer a tobacco education and lung cancer prevention program, as well as smoking cessation classes for those who want to quit today.


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