24-Hour Customer Service‚Äč 803-907-3700
Administration 803-907-1100
Billing/Insurance/Financial Inquiries 803-296-5098
Care Guides 803-907-1122
Chaplaincy 803-907-2145
Condition HELP 803-907-8999
General Information 803-907-7000
Palmetto Health HomeCare (Home Health, Hospice, Private Services, Palliative Care) 803-296-3100
Patient Relations (Advanced Directives/Patient Bill of Rights/Special Needs) 803-907-1515
Pre-registration 803-907-1111
Room Service 803-907-3663
Security 803-907-8000
Social Work, Case Management and Discharge Planning 803-907-3382
Surcees Gift Shop 803-907-1050
Volunteer Services 803-907-1501

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