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Women's Leadership Circle

The Women’s Leadership Circle at the Prisma Health Midlands Foundation is a network of women who serve as community ambassadors for Prisma Health. Our purpose is to enhance the philanthropic leadership of women and to strengthen the extraordinary health care programs and services of Prisma Health.


Dianna Arnold and Toni Elkins, 2020 Co-Chairs

"I am honored and grateful to have the opportunity to serve as a chair for the Women's Leadership Circle, as well as a community ambassador for Prisma Health- Midlands. I am dedicated in helping others have the opportunity to receive the treatment they deserve, and improving the health and wellness of the women and children in our local community. Your membership pledge to The Women's Leadership Circle allows all fundraising dollars to be directed to the immediate needs of the women and children of Prisma Health here in the Midlands. Please join me in making a positive impact of the health and wellness of our community."
- Dianna Arnold, Co-Chair

"Being chair of WLC for two years was one of my community highlights. I met so many wonderful people and learned many things about the needs of our community and the ways in which I can contribute. Being an artist, I can be somewhat ONE-SIDED, and serving in this capacity opened my eyes to such important needs!" - Tony Elkins, Co-Chair



Lisa Arnold founded Women’s Leadership Circle (WLC) in 2010. The purpose and strength of WLC is to teach women how to take care of ourselves as we age, to be a community ambassador for Prisma Health—Midlands and to support Women and Children’s Services at Prisma Health—Midlands Hospitals.
Membership dues support Women’s and Children’s Services through a request for funding proposal process. All funding requests are presented to the full membership at the November educational presentation. After the presentations, the entire membership votes, and at the holiday party, the funding decisions are announced.

Member Benefits:

• A series of educational topics on how Prisma Health—Midlands is serving your community with innovative health care programs, state-of-the-art technology and quality patient care services to improve the lives of all that walk through their doors.
• Recognition on the Women’s Leadership Circle page of
• An opportunity to network with other members and enjoy at least one social event per year.
• An invitation to Prisma Health Midlands Foundation’s annual donor recognition event.

How To Join

Membership simply requires a pledge of $1,000 or more, payable over a 12-month period. Gifts may be made in honor of a loved one or a caregiver. A pledge form is enclosed. To join or learn more, contact Maria DeHart, 803-296-2175 or

Make A Pledge


What do Women’s Leadership Circle funds benefit? 

Since 2010, WLC has gifted more than $105,000 in membership dues to various areas of care for Women and Children Services at Prisma Health—Midlands.

2010-2013 - $20,000 in membership dues supported the area of greatest need.

2014-2015 - $47,000 in membership dues supported the Child Abuse Medical Assessment Program Expansion at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital—Midlands.

2016 - $12,000 supported the nurse navigator program at Prisma Health Breast Center and funded post-mastectomy camisoles, special cookbooks, breast bears and educational materials for breast cancer patients.

2017 - $12,000 supported music therapy for the Acute Care for the Elderly Unit and bereavement books for children through Prisma Health Hospice.

2018 - $14,000 supported partial funding for the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit Belmont Rapid Blood Infuser and Hyperthemia Pump, a low laser light for lymphedema patients in speciality therapy. Funds also supported a mobile art exhibit, a collaboration between the Acute Care of the Elderly Unit and Heathwood Hall Episcopal School.

2019 - $15,000 supported funding Prisma Health Parkridge Level II Special Care Nursery which opened October 29, 2019 with two computerized feeding machines for the premature babies and a partial funding for the 1 year old Simulation Teaching Mannequin for the Prisma Health-Midlands Simulation Center and Programs.



  • Dianna Arnold and Toni Elkins, Co-Chair           
  • Eleanor Clark and Lori Lapin, Nominations
  • Wendy Wells, Membership                             
  • Juanita Wright, Immediate Past Chair
​At large: Melanie Baker, Sheila Davis, Debbie Zvejnieks

Women's Leadership Circle members

  • Mrs. Lindsay B. Agostini
  • Mrs. Dianna Arnold
  • Mrs. Lisa Arnold
  • Ms. Melanie Baker
  • Mrs. Marsha Belson
  • Mrs. Eleanor P. Clark
  • Mrs. Sheila Davis
  • Mrs. Shelly Dunphy
  • Mrs. Toni M. Elkins
  • Mrs. Peggy K. Jacobs
  • Mrs. Sue Kline
  • Mrs. Janice B. McDowell
  • Mrs. Heather C. Presnal
  • Mrs. Vijiyalaxmi Reddy
  • Mrs. Kelly G. Shockley
  • Mrs. Wendyth T. Wells
  • Mrs. Juanita Wright
  • Mrs. Debbie H. Zvejnieks
  • Ms. Jan L. Jernigan
  • Mrs. Jennifer Kahn


30th Walk For Life and Famously Hot Pink Half Marathon, 5K + 10K

We’re celebrating the 30th birthday of Walk for Life! For years, we’ve been walking and running for Prisma Health Breast Center in Columbia, S.C. We’re moving to a virtual Walk for Life and Famously Hot Pink Half Marathon, 5K + 10K this fall. You can lace up and get moving in your own neighborhoods or nearby parks—all while continuing your support of patients and families faced with breast cancer.

Taking Children's Hospital on the Road

At this time, it’s best for some medically fragile children to stay home. To help reduce any risk of these children being exposed to COVID 19, pediatric subspecialists and team members have been hitting the road in the Prisma Health Mobile Health Unit to see the children in their own communities.

They’re “Taking Children’s Hospital on the Road,” and we’re committed to keeping those wheels turning! Champions Society and Rising Champions, annual giving societies for Prisma Health Children’s Hospital—Midlands, invite you to be part of their campaign to support this incredible mobile program for the kids.