The Atrium Society is led by chair Bill Kopelman, Karen and Charlie Brooks, Betsy Dyches, Bruce Fewell, Carol and Lentz Ivey, Karen Kane McDonnell, Dee and Tony Perez, Curt Rone and Debbie Seale.

A word from Bill Kopelman, Chair, Atrium Society

I am honored to chair the Atrium Society. As a cancer survivor, I am fully aware of how generosity can positively affect a community. We have the unique opportunity to impact the lives of cancer patients in Midlands.  Please join me in making a difference.
Have you heard?
That we raised almost $90,000 in the last fiscal year and we received a $50,000 challenge gift - with $50,000 MORE available in matching dollars for new and increased pledges to the Atrium Society and the Cavalry?
That Prisma Health Midlands has embarked on a major partnership with the Upstate affiliate to bring clinical trials and research to cancer patients in our community? 
That Prisma Health and the Medical Group have recruited a liver and pancreas cancer surgeon who will start in February 2020, the first in the Midlands?
BIG things are happening, and we’re grateful you’re part of the team making it happen! I am excited to continue to grow our impact this fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2019 - Sept. 30, 2020) by reaching a total fundraising goal of $120,000. As we grow our base, we’ll build capacity and make an even bigger impact for our community.

If you know of an individual or company who may wish to get involved, please call Anna Saunders at 803-434-2830 or Or, click here to download an Atrium Society one-sheet and pledge form.

Join the challenge!

25 years of service

In 2018, the Atrium Society celebrated its 25th anniversary and toasted to 25 more years! Thanks to all who have so generously supported Prisma Health Cancer Centers. See photos from the 25th anniversary celebration here.
About The Atrium Society
Members of the Atrium Society give annually to meet the high-priority needs of Prisma Health Cancer Centers. The Society was founded more than 20 years ago by three men who cared deeply about providing the best in cancer care in our community - George C. Fant, the late John A. Warren and the late B. Palmer McArthur. The Society seeks to make a difference for families with cancer. Our goal is to fund specific equipment or services that will benefit patients, based upon recommendations made by the Prisma Health Cancer Centers leadership. We are proud of the far-reaching impact the Society has made since 1993.


February 2020 Update: 

We received a $50,000 CHALLENGE GIFT that we’re trying to take full advantage of. It was from two family foundations who wish to remain anonymous and they are MATCHING DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR any NEW membership gifts, or increased pledges from current members.  What this means is – anyone who joins the Cavalry or the Atrium Society – your gift will be doubled. We have $30,000 still to raise in new memberships or increased pledges to take full advantage of the match and hope to achieve that by April 1, 2020.


Thank you to our current Atrium Society members.  
  • Dr. and Mrs. Helmut Albrecht
  • Frances and Van Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Barnwell
  • Rebecca and Jim Best
  • Barbara B. Boyd
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Branham
  • Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brooks
  • Sarah S. and Frank K. Brown
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bryant
  • Amy and Bernard Bourne
  • Naomi and Lewis Caswell
  • Ms. Cathy Cauthen
  • Mrs. Betsy L. Chambers
  • Corporate Concepts, Inc.
  • Mary Jane Cowden
  • Sharleen and Steven Craig
  • Jill and Holland Crosswell
  • Katherine W. Davis
  • Lisa and Bill Duda
  • Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Duffy, Jr.
  • Betsy Dyches and Greg Summers
  • Mrs. George C. Fant, Jr.
  • Elveta and Paul Fant
  • Erin and Tim Fitzgerald
  • Drs. David and Jeanette Fulton
  • Wyndi and John Green
  • Don and Gail Harrison
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Lentz Ivey, Jr.
  • Pam and Phil Jenkins
  • Elizabeth and Carter Jeffords
  • Dr. Julian and Amy Kim
  • Beatrice and George King
  • Lisa and Jonathan King
  • Felicia and Bill Kopelman
  • Dr. and Mrs. David L. Kulbersh
  • Dr. John and Patricia Lauver
  • Cindy and Tommy Lavender
  • Marion K. McArthur
  • Heather and Reed Mattingly
  • Dr. Karen Kane McDonnell
  • Dr. and Mrs. Earl B. McFadden
  • Drs. James E. and Kathy Mercer
  • Beth and Michael Montgomery
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jerome D. Odom
  • Antonio and Dee Perez
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dalton S. Prickett
  • Curt Rone
  • Cindy and Al Saad
  • Georgette Sandifer
  • Anna and Doug Saunders
  • Debbie and Howard Seale
  • Share our Suzy
  • Patricia Knight Shelley
  • Sandra and Herbert Sims
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Smith III
  • Meg and Chip Stanley
  • Mrs. Nancy F. Teeter
  • Charles R. Vernon, Jr.
  • Mandy and Byron Williams Tiffany and Glynn Winslow
  • Dr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Yeakel

Atrium Society supporters have had a significant impact at Prisma Health Cancer Centers over the last 20 years:

  • Atrium Society funds have been used to purchase Logic 700 Expert Series Digitally Encoded Ultrasound® Robotic Technology, R2 Imagechecker Mammotone, Full-field Digital Mammography for Baptist campus, Full-field Digital Mammography for Richland campus and Peloris Dual Retort Rapid Tissue Processor. The rapid tissue processor has has provided diagnostic answers for the surgeons of more than 16,000 patients who had surgery at Prisma Health over a recent three-year period.

  • $200,000 was raised towards acquisition of daVinci® Robotic Technology. Surgeons at Prisma Health Richland have used the daVinci® Robotic Surgical System on more than 450 patients since its upgrade in April 2012.

  • $101,119 was raised in support of upgrades for the latest digital mammography equipment.

  • $70,770 was raised to provide sofa beds for patient rooms at Prisma Health Baptist Hospital.

  • Nearly $50,000 was raised to support purchase of an automated whole breast ultrasound unit at Prisma Health Breast Center
  • ​$60,000 raised + $62,000 gift from the late John and Betty Warren to fund purchase of Hologic Quantra breast density measurement software. Prisma Health Breast Center is the first in the Midlands to provide this service.

  • Prisma Health Breast Center has had more than one million patient visits during the last 20 years. Each of those patients has benefited from key equipment acquisitions supported by the Atrium Society, including digital mammography and ultrasound imaging equipment.

How to Join

Membership in the Atrium Society simply requires a gift of $1,000, or more, payable over a 12-month period. Gifts may be made in honor or memory of a loved one or caregiver. Donations of a lesser amount also are welcomed.

To become a member of the Atrium Society, click here to access a pledge form.

An atrium symbolizes an opening or passage facing the infinite sky, which is filled with the beauty of birds in flight. You, too, can soar by meeting the challenge of funding cancer initiatives in our community with your annual membership in the Atrium Society.

To learn more about Prisma Health Foundation's Atrium Society, contact:
Anna Saunders, Director of Development, 803-434-2830 or

Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Children's Hospital

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Taking Children's Hospital on the Road

At this time, it’s best for some medically fragile children to stay home. To help reduce any risk of these children being exposed to COVID 19, pediatric subspecialists and team members have been hitting the road in the Prisma Health Mobile Health Unit to see the children in their own communities.

They’re “Taking Children’s Hospital on the Road,” and we’re committed to keeping those wheels turning! Champions Society and Rising Champions, annual giving societies for Prisma Health Children’s Hospital—Midlands, invite you to be part of their campaign to support this incredible mobile program for the kids.